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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do, though we do not provide discounts for such services, see our services section for more info.
Yes you can and we highly recommend you do as pools tend to get contaminated with body oils much faster through frequent use.
Yes, feel free to cancel whenever you want and any advanced payments will be refunded.
Depending on the severity of the algae bloom, you can expect to pay as little as $100 for your first visit. Though we do find in severe cases 2 or 3 visits may be required, of course we will let you know with a free quote.
We would love to meet you in person for a chat about your pool, however it is not required as we can fill you in via email or SMS.
We like to use our own chemicals as we are well versed in the concentrations and measurements, though if you are on a budget we will be happy to utilize any chemicals you have on hand.
Yes, we can give your equipment a look over to locate a faulty part, though in our experience it is usually much cheaper to replace the faulty piece of equipment rather than send it off for repairs.